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  About Women Joining Forces

In October 2005, BPW/USA launched Women Joining Forces: Closing Ranks, Opening Doors (WJF), a program to support women veterans as they transition from military to civilian life.  In the continuing tradition of WJF, Women Joining Forces in North Carolina provides  programming, resources and an annual grant program to assist women veterans and  military-affiliated women.  

  Benefits offered include:

   •   Leadership and media opportunities

   •   Workplace resources (i.e. BPW Career Center, Connect-a-Vet)

   •   Professional development and education

   •   Opportunities to participate in activities that support wome veterans 

   •   Career support and advice through e-publications and web site  

   •   Networking through events and online social spaces

   •   Legislative advocacy on issues of workplace equity and work-life balance

For more information about Women Joining Forces in NC,  


Barbara Bozeman  at

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